The frozen meat grinder can directly weave the frozen meat pieces after cutting, and together with the structure and principle of the frozen meat grinder!


The frozen meat grinder consists mainly of the feeding part and the part of the chopped meat, mainly including a screw feeder, a hopper, a reamer, a sieve plate, and an electric motor. When working, the frozen meat is properly cut into pieces, added from the feeding hopper, and the meat is sent to the twisting device as the feeding auger rotates. The reamer is arranged on a plane perpendicular to the screw shaft, rotates together with the screw, and the blade portion moves relative to the sieve plate 4, and the meat shovel extruded by the screw is chopped, and the cut meat is also extruded through the sieve plate. Then, it is discharged from the hole of the fastening nut to the next process. The sieve plates of the frozen meat grinder can be freely replaced, and the sieves of different diameters can be used to process the meat of different diameters. When using a piece of frozen meat grinder to twist the meat of the tiny meat, first use a coarse hole to sift once, then replace it with a medium hole, and the fine sieve plate continues to be smashed, which is time-consuming and laborious. Using a three-stage frozen meat grinder, you can wrap the minced meat in one go.

frozen meat grinder
The spiral shaft is made of austenitic stainless steel

The main structure of the frozen meat grinder consists of a feeding system, a transmission system, and a cutter system. The feeding system consists of a hopper, a winch, and a feed screw. The drive system consists of a frame, a motor and a reducer. The screw shaft is equipped with a retaining bearing to withstand the strong reaction force generated by the feed screw and the extrusion screw during feeding, squeezing and twisting. The cutter system consists of an orifice plate and a reamer. The reamer and feed screw are rotated synchronously. There are some small holes of the same diameter on the orifice plate. The orifice plate is attached to the cross reamer and is convenient to assemble and disassemble. Feeding screw, reamer and orifice plate are the main working parts of the frozen meat grinder. Only when the three are closely matched can the normal operation of the frozen meat grinder be guaranteed. Today, let’s learn about the structure and function of the frozen meat grinder!

1. The feed screw is mainly used to squeeze the material to the cutter system. The outer diameter and the axis of the feed screw are coaxial and should avoid contact with the machine casing. In terms of conveying capacity, the rotation speed of the feeding screw is as fast as possible; however, if the rotation speed is too large, the pressure at the orifice plate is increased, the friction between the meat and the machine is increased, and the meat is heated, which affects the product quality.

2. The reamer is also called the cross reamer to cut the material. There are generally four cutting edges, and the direction of the cutting edge is the same as the direction of rotation of the feeding screw. The material is stainless steel or carbon tool steel, and the bottom of the knives of the reamer is attached to the orifice plate.

Large frozen meat grinder cutter
Large frozen meat grinder cutter

3. The orifice plate and the reamer are attached to each other to form a shearing force, and the frozen meat grinder mechanically cuts the raw material. When the size of the meat material and the pore size of the orifice plate are the same, the pore size can be discharged through the orifice. The smaller the pore size of the orifice plate, the smaller the discharge granularity of the meat material, but the discharge time will also increase.

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