Vacuum Tumbler Machine Information

Vacuum meat tumbling machine is the dedicated equipment for meat pickling and flavoring.

It can mix the meat and the seasonings under vacuum condition and under application of the vacuum the fibrous tissue of meat are loosened, the curing at room pressure is turned into negative pressure curing;

the rotation and tumbling of the machine turns the static pickling into dynamic pickling, therefore strengthens the effect of pickling and flavoring and enhances the work efficiency.

Advantages of Vacuum Tumbler

The vacuum tumbler machine is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance, simple operation and high efficiency.

  1. Make the submerged solution evenly distributed in the meat and be fully absorbed.
  2. Strengthen the strength of the meat and enhance the elasticity of the product.
  3. Improve the slicing of products, prevent breakage when slicing.
  4. Increase the water conservation of products and increase the rate of production.
  5. Keep the color of the meat, the meat is fresh and tender.
  6. Set rolling time by setting the total working time of rolling.
  7. Set the rolling interval.
  8. Continuous rolling, intermittent rolling.
  9.  Positive transfer.
Vacuum Tumbler Machine

The Functions of Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

  • The working time can be set freely.
  • The intermittent time of tumbling can be set according to the process requirement.
  • Set the vacuum degree freely.

Technical Data of Vacuum Meat Tumbler

Model Volume Capacity Tumbler speed Power Dimension
GR-10L 10L 4-5kg per time 7n/min 0.38kw 68*37*82cm
GR-20L 20L 5-10kg per time 10n/min 0.5kw 70*42*90cm
GR-50L 50L 20-25kg per time 13n/min 1.0kw 83.5*53.5*98cm
GR-100L 100L 50kg per time 13n/min 1.5kw 105*83*106cm
GR-200L 200L 100kg per time 8n/min 1.5kw 135*83*135cm
GR-300L 300L 150kg per time 8n/min 2.25kw 140*93*135cm
GR-500L 500L 250kg per time 8n/min 2.25kw 142*103*141cm
GR-600L 600L 300kg per time 8n/min 2.25kw 157*103*141cm
GR-800L 800L 400kg per time 8n/min 2.95kw 178*113*155cm
GR-1000L 1000L 500kg per time 6n/min 3.7kw 131*187*172cm
GR-1200L 1200L 600kg per time 8n/min 4.5kw 226*142*180cm
GR-1600L 1600L 800kg per time 8n/min 4.5kw 246*142*180cm
GR-2000L 2000L 900-1200kg per time 8n/min 5.2kw 260*142*187mm
GR-2500L 2500L 1000-1400kg per time 8n/min 6.2kw 247*162*210mm
GR-3000L 3000L 1400-1600kg per time 8n/min 7.5kw 275*195*230mm
GR-1700HY 1700L 1000kg per time 2-12n/min 2.2+1.5kw 393*162*254cm
GR-2500HY 2500L 1500kg per time 2-12n/min 3+2.2kw 431*189*287cm
GR-3500L 3500L 2000kg per time 2-12n/min 4+3kw 481*200*310cm