Meat Dicing Machine

A meat dicing machine can be used to dice slightly frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat, and poultry products with bones. With high efficiency, this machine is the preferred equipment for cutting meat into meat cubes, shreds, slices, and strips for many meat processing plants.

Working principle of dicing machine

The dicing machine consists of a hydraulic system and a cutting system. The hydraulic system provides the advancement speed of the meat material to achieve the cutting length. The cutting system consists of a cutter head and a cutter. The width of the cutter head realizes the width of the diced meat.

Features of frozen meat dicing machine

  • Made of stainless steel, with fine workmanship, beautiful appearance and durability.
  • Compact structure, strong versatility, economical and practical.
  • Good safety protection performance and easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Adjust the cutting thickness knob to change the pushing speed of the meat push rod to meet different cutting thickness requirements.
  • Adopt a pre-pressure control design to ensure uniform cutting and correct cutting size.
  • Adjust the meat push rod to step motion, and single-blade cutting can minimize the extrusion of the product during the cutting process.
  • One side of the cutting groove adopts an active side pressure mechanism to facilitate material feeding and improve work efficiency.