Bone Saw Machine Introduction

Commercial meat bone saws are indispensable for meat shops, meat processing plants, steakhouses or other places where large chunks of meat are handled. It allows to cuts tough bones and thick pieces of meat quickly. In addition, the electric blade provides a more precise cut than the butcher’s manual cutting of meat.


Bone Saw Machine
bone saw electric
bone saw cutter

Parameters of Table top Electric Band saw:

Model NW-250K
Saw length 1650mm
Working table size 600*465mm
Cutting height 0-180mm
Cutting thickness 5-180mm
Power 1100W
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Machine size 600*500*880mm
Weight 55kg


bone saw for meat 250KS
bone saw kitchen 250KS
bone saw blade 250KS

Parameters of Table top Electric Band saw:

Model NW-250KS
Saw length 1650mm
Working table size 400*560mm
Cutting height 0-220mm
Cutting thickness 5-180mm
Power 1500W
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Machine size 530*560*880mm
Weight 43kg


Electric Bone Cutting Machine 310K
bone saw for sale 310K
Electric Bone Cutter Machine 310K

Bone Saw Electric Machine 310K Specifications:

Model NW-310K
Machine material stainless steel
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Power 1500W
Cutting thickness 5-240mm
Saw length 2400MM
Operating height 330MM
Weight 55KG
Machine size 720 * 780 *1700MM


bone saw
bone saw for butchering
bone saw tool

All Stainless Steel Bone Sawing Machine 400 Specifications:

Model 400 
Saw specification  3100mm*16mm 
Working table size   930*1000mm
Power  3000W 
Voltage 380V 50HZ 
Machine size  1100*930*1900mm 
Weight   120kg

Working Video of Bone saw machine