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Operation method of commercial stainless steel hydraulic sausage stuffer

Filling of sausage stuffer: Close the butterfly valve, fill the hopper with raw materials, 5 minutes after turning on the power, open the ball valve, manipulate the foot switch to raise the piston to the highest position, open the butterfly valve, close the ball valve, and press the feed switch to lower it. As the […]

What are the advantages of fresh meat cutting machine?


Fresh meat cutting machine and shredding machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, good meat cutting effect, etc., need to add electric protection device to explain to the seller. The thickness is not adjustable, and it cooperates delicately with the feeding mechanism, […]

QE model meat cutting machine circuit diagram

QE meat cutting machine Circuit diagram

The electrical part of the QE model meat cutting machine is mainly composed of a contactor, a start button, a stop button (emergency stop), a motor protector, a magnetic switch and the like. Contactor: Close the contacts to reach the electrical control of the motor. Start button: using normally open contacts Stop button: using a […]