Vacuum Tumbler Machine

The vacuum tumbler is a physical process of energy conversion in the meat block. Improve the extraction of salt-soluble protein, so that the marinating liquid is evenly distributed in the meat and fully absorbed; enhance the adhesion of the meat, improve the elasticity of the product, improve the suitability of the product, and prevent breakage during slicing; increase water retention, improve product quality rate; increase the softness and structural stability of the product.

Vacuum suction, reverse discharge, and breathing tumbler make the raw material alternately in a vacuum and normal pressure state during the tumbler, which can effectively shorten the tumbler time.


Industrial vacuum meat tumblers are indispensable in the production of meat, cold meats, and seafood. It plasticizes and stretches the fibers, which increases the absorption of brine as a result, allowing for a high-quality product. The vacuum in the drum also prevents the loss of natural color, taste, and nutritional value.

Advantages of Vacuum Tumbler

  1. Meat can be tumbled at any angle during the over-and-under range; a U-shape paddle prevents damage to largely sized meat.
  2. It makes the meat tenderizer, soft and with good flavor.
  3. It extends the shelf life of meat products.
  4. It reduces the marinating time for meat and improves work efficiency and the product yield rate.
  5. It can save work time and reduce labor intensity.
  6. It is reliable and user-friendly.

The Functions of Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

  • The working time can be set freely.
  • The intermittent time of tumbling can be set according to the process requirement.
  • Set the vacuum degree freely.