When selecting the clean vegetable processing line, it should be selected according to the processed products. The net vegetable processing can be generally divided into leafy vegetables and bulbous vegetables. Many customers who have not known before can ask whether they can use the same equipment to process these two kinds of vegetables. Xiaobian is here to tell everyone that it must not work.

The root vegetables are produced in the ground. The surface of the vegetables is uneven, and there is a lot of sediment. When cleaning, it needs to be cleaned by a professional brush cleaning machine. If you need to peel, you need to use a peeling machine.

vegetable washing machines
vegetable washing machines

Leafy vegetables are prolific on the surface, with large water content and soft leaf surface. The cleaning process must ensure that the leaves are not smashed and the appearance of the dishes is guaranteed. It is unrealistic to use such a brush cleaning machine to complete such vegetables. Therefore, roots, leaves, and vegetables need a special vegetable washing machine. The professional name is bubble vegetable washing machine. The equipment is double-washed by air bubble and spray. The gas generated by the air pump fully disperses the vegetables in the vegetable washing machine tank. The tumbling state, together with the top spray cleaning, can be used to remove the roots of the leaves and the internal mud. The equipment is also equipped with decontamination and ozone disinfection, which can be selected according to customer requirements.

This is the difference between different types of vegetable cleaning, but depending on the variety of processed vegetables, some of them can also be shared. For example, potatoes and other vegetables with more starch that are easily oxidized need to be cleaned with a peeling machine and cut as required. Matching, re-entering into the bubble washer for soaking and cleaning has achieved the purpose of removing starch.

The processing flow of the net vegetable processing line can be roughly divided into the following steps (of course, different equipment can be adjusted according to the size and distribution requirements):

Picking – rough washing – fine washing – sterilization – shaking drain – air drying – packaging – storage and other processes.

The water flow washing machine drives the vegetables to rotate in the water by the action of the water flow so that the dirt such as sediment is separated, and the high-pressure cleaner rinses the vegetables with water with a certain pressure to clean the bacteria that adhere to the dirt and invade the epidermis. When passing through the sorting and cleaning machine, the worker can check the cleanliness of the vegetables, further clean the uncleaned dirt, and remove the damaged product.

The vegetable cutting machine should be able to cut some products that need to be cut according to the cooking specifications. The vegetables that are not cut and cut must be subjected to bubbling floating cleaning by the next equipment bubble washing machine. This process has certain going. The surface of the product is dysfunctional and completes a cleaning.

The clean vegetable processing line is not a fixed type of equipment, it can be large or small, depending on the customer’s output, as well as the site and cleaning requirements. We can customize the processing equipment according to the processing requirements of different customers so that the clean vegetable processing line can meet the requirements. Capacity needs, without causing waste of resources. The whole set of equipment is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is anti-moist, acid-proof, alkali-resistant, and long-term use is not easy to deform.

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