The use of vegetable washing machines has become a development trend with remarkable effects. It is cleaned in many different ways to meet the cleaning requirements of various vegetables and fruits. The equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304/2B except for standard parts such as motors and bearings. , fully in line with export food hygiene requirements.

vegetable washing machines
vegetable washing machines

Classification and principle of vegetable washing machines:

1. High-pressure spray cleaning machine: It mainly relies on the force generated by the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzle to remove the dirt attached to the surface of the vegetable.

2. Bubble cleaning machine: The bubble cleaning method is to make the air enter the water, continuously stir the cleaning water and generate a large number of air bubbles, and the cavitation effect on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the object to be washed is cleaned.

3. Brush cleaning machine: The brush cleaning method is to clean the surface of the material by direct contact between the bristles and the materials in the water. This type of cleaning method is suitable for the cleaning of root vegetables such as potatoes and radishes.

4. Roller friction type washing machine: the lower part of the drum friction type washing machine sinks in the water, and the material is placed in the screen type drum. Due to the rolling action of the drum, friction between the material and the material and between the material and the drum is generated. The soil on the surface of the material is removed and cleaned. This kind of cleaning has the effect of peeling, and the vegetables that can be washed have limitations.

5, ultrasonic cleaning machine: ultrasonic cleaning method is to generate millions of tiny vacuum bubbles in the liquid, these bubbles are rapidly generated in large quantities under the action of sound pressure, and constantly violently burst, generating strong pressure and negative pressure suction , the dirt is removed from the surface of the object, and there is no physical damage to the object to be cleaned. This method is used to clean vegetables, and the technology is not yet fully mature. Whether it will have an adverse effect on vegetable tissues due to the effect of ultrasound needs further study.

The above is the common cleaning method for each vegetable washing machine. Each cleaning method has its own unique characteristics. In actual use, we can choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the type of the items to be cleaned and the cleaning environment.

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