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Bowl Chopper

The bowl chopper mainly uses the chopping action of the high-speed rotation of the file to cut the main raw materials such as meat pieces, minced meat, and fat into minced meat or meat and stirs other raw materials such as water and auxiliary materials.

The cutter speed, the speed of the pot, and the gap between the file and the crucible can be reasonably combined to reduce the calorific value of the material, improve the fineness, improve the emulsifying effect of the meat product, and maintain the natural color and elasticity of the filling. The production rate and shelf life of the product.

Bowl choppers and bowl cutters are renowned in the meat processing industry for their versatility and value for money. You can quickly and efficiently produce a wide range of high-profit products such as sausage. Bowl chopper is used to cut meat to a fine degree and to blend and mix ingredients into the meat. The meat chopper machine is usually applicable to make stuffing for sausage, bologna, meat ball, ham, hot dog, patty, meat pie, etc. All parts that touch food are made of stainless steel which are in conformity with international hygiene standards.

Wide application of the meat grinder

  1. The meat bowl cutter is widely used in food processing laboratories, food project laboratories, university cafeterias and other catering industries.
  2. It can be used for deep-frying meat, fruit and vegetables, seafood and spices. Cut up the meatloaf, diced meat and fat and, in the meantime, mix the meat evenly with water/spice/spices.
  3. The knife rotates at high speed, shortening the operating time, reducing the heat produced and maintaining the natural color of the meat.
  4. The bowl chopper is usually used to make stuffing for sausages, bologna, meatballs, ham, hot dogs, pies, etc.

Meat cutting machine work process

The meat slicer consists of a rotating bowl into which meat, proteins and other ingredients are deposited. The ingredients are added to the bowl by a multi-bladed rotating knife positioned at the back of the bowl. The buffalo mincer has a selected range of knife speeds. It is equipped with a scraper that discharges the product into a container via a chute.