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1. Website use
1.1 You may not modify, copy, publish, rent, sell or otherwise use the content of this website for any public or commercial purpose in any way, and prohibit the use of the content of this website for any other website or media for any purpose.
1.2 The Company may make any modification, restriction, suspension or termination of your access to or use of the Website at any time without prior notice and shall not be responsible for any effects brought to you or third parties.
1.3 The content of this website is protected by laws and regulations. If you violate these Terms of Use, you shall bear all consequences and legal liabilities.

2. Information submission
You are solely responsible for all content that is sent, submitted, uploaded, posted, or otherwise transmitted through this website. The company may unilaterally modify or delete the content at any time, or may unilaterally suspend the online browsing of the content. If the circumstances are serious, the company will submit it to the relevant department for processing. You may not send, submit, upload, post or otherwise transmit the following through this website:
1.1 Any illegal, threatening, violent, reactionary, insulting, obscene or other illegal content;
1.2 Personal information disclosed without legal authorization;
1.3 Content that infringes upon the legitimate intellectual property rights of others;
1.4 Carrying a computer virus or containing any programs, codes, files, etc. that damage the functions of the computer or website;
1.5 Spam, advertising information.

3. Website information
3.1 The information on this website is provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The Company has taken precautions to ensure the accuracy of the information posted but does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and absolute integrity of the information on this website. The company is not responsible for the accuracy, security, etc. of the information provided on this website, and the results and risks of using such information are at your own risk.
3.2 The Company may modify or update the information on this website at any time without prior notice. The revised or updated content will be effective as soon as it is posted on this website. Please visit it regularly.

4. Website link
You may access any other site through this website, the company only provides such links for your convenience, and the company reserves the right to suspend any link at any time. The linked site is independent of this site, and the site cannot control the content on the site and is not responsible for the content and information on the site. The results and risks of accessing any other site linked to this website are at your own risk.

5. Intellectual property rights
5.1 The information, text, music, pictures, trademarks, logos and other contents of this website may not be transmitted, modified, copied, distributed, rented, sold or otherwise used without the written consent of the company, and may not be used on any of the websites. The software may not delete or modify any copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary claims by downloading, distributing, modifying, copying, renting, selling, decompiling, or reverse engineering.
5.2 The company does not grant any intellectual property license to you in any way, please comply with relevant laws and regulations.

6. Limitation of liability
The company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental damages caused by the use or link of this website, including but not limited to business, revenue, profit, reputation, data or other losses. , regardless of whether they have a guarantee, contract, tort or any other legal basis and advice that may have occurred in such damages beforehand. If you need to maintain, repair or correct the data or equipment as a result of using this website, any costs incurred will be borne by you.

7. Privacy and personal information
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