With the further strengthening of China’s regulatory measures, the reserve of frozen pork has been successively released to ensure that the pork market maintains supply and stable prices. Today, Huachu.com has released another 20,000 tons of frozen pork for bidding and trading. This is the 12th time this year, and the cumulative amount will reach 250,000 tons. Faced with the huge amount of stocked frozen pork, it is undoubtedly that the hardware and human hands can no longer meet such a huge workload of segmentation and bone sawing. The automatic bone sawing machine has an unstoppable advantage in improving efficiency and quality and reducing waste.


   In order to better respond to the problem of pork supply and price in the market, relevant Chinese departments and relevant departments across the country have actively carried out the work of maintaining supply and price stability in the pork market, including continuously increasing the supply of frozen pork reserves to ensure pork consumption demand. It is understood that the cumulative amount of frozen pork in China this year has reached 210,000 tons. In order to ensure the supply of pork in the market, we will continue to put in reserve meat based on actual conditions in the later stage to promote the smooth operation of the pork market.

   The author understands that among the stockpile pork put on the market, frozen pork is mainly used to fill the shortage of fresh meat supply. However, it should be mentioned that since frozen pork is pre-cooled to remove acid, frozen, and stored at -18°C, the temperature of deep-seated meat is below -6°C.

   Therefore, the segmentation and sawing of frozen pork is not a simple matter. The traditional methods of manual segmentation and sawing can no longer meet the requirements of the huge frozen pork market.

Generally speaking, frozen pork is big and heavy, and there are ice residues. Using traditional knife cutting methods or traditional bone sawing machines not only increases the labor intensity of employees, but also the machine saw blades are often sawed, which makes bone sawing more efficient. The overall size is not high. At the same time, because it is not a professional meat cutting and bone sawing tool, the gears are relatively thick. When cutting and sawing bones, it is easy to splash ice residue and minced meat. The original weight will undoubtedly cause a certain loss of frozen pork and cause unnecessary waste.

   It is reported that a fresh supermarket not only added frozen pork segmentation and bone sawing divisions, but also added nearly 20 professional automatic bone sawing machines. In the same way as the traditional method, the efficiency of cutting and sawing bones has been significantly improved.

In addition, due to the innovative upgrade of the cutting technology, the bone sawing machine adopts high-speed saw cutting technology. Compared with traditional machine saws, the cutting is more stable, the cutting efficiency is higher, and the cutting is more durable. There are less splashes of ice and minced meat, which solves most problems. “Pain points” for segmentation and bone sawing.

In recent years, under the continuous innovation and research and development of industry technicians, automatic bone sawing machines are not only in compact structure, saw band tension adjustment, saw band stability, but also saw bone efficiency, saw bone stability, and cutting technology. The effect has been significantly upgraded and optimized, breaking the traditional frozen pork segmentation and the dilemma of ice dregs and minced meat that are easily splashed when the bone sawing division saw the bone. It not only improves the efficiency of bone sawing, and divides about 1 ton of meat in an hour, but also reduces Unnecessary waste of frozen pork.

   It is true that many bone sawing experts have reported that although the bone sawing machine greatly improves the efficiency of sawing bones and reduces the waste of meat foam, overall, the degree of automation and safety performance still need to be further improved. Because the bone sawing machine still needs manual cooperation, plus the division, the bone sawing division must concentrate on repeating the monotonous cutting work, and work for a long time, and no negligence is allowed, otherwise the division and bone sawing staff may Increase the risk of hand injuries.

   Therefore, the research and development personnel of the bone sawing machine should thoroughly and systematically study and study electrical engineering and its automation knowledge, and combine the characteristics of the equipment and the market demand to continuously improve the automation level of the bone sawing machine.

   In addition, modern intelligent information technology should be introduced to enhance the intelligent sensor safety reminder function. When the segmentation and bone sawing staff inadvertently appear distracted or slack, they can promptly give intelligent sensor safety reminders to prevent the safety risks due to temporary slack.

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