The working principle and use of the bowl chopper: The bowl chopper for meat uses the chopping knife of the chopper to rotate at high speed, and finely chop and cut the main raw materials such as meat, minced meat, and other raw materials into meat or mash. Using the same principle, stir the ice flakes, water, and auxiliary materials together into a uniform milk.

Bowl Chopper Detail 3

The bowl chopper knife speed, the pot speed, the gap between the chopping knife and the rotating pot achieve a good combination, so that the fineness of the chopping product is good, the heating is small, and the chopping time is short, especially due to the emulsification treatment, which makes the intestine products fine The density and elasticity are greatly enhanced, which greatly improves the emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness of meat products.​​​

Bowl Chopper Detail 4

The bowl chopper is the key equipment in the production process of meat products. The high-speed rotating chopping knife can chop the raw meat into a delicate minced shape, and at the same time, it can mix other auxiliary materials evenly. It is used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, and meat processing plants. Meat processing machinery that cannot be used by other units.

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