The meat cutting machine has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high efficiency, the low power consumption of the meat cutting machine, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and hygiene, good meat cutting effect, etc. The shape is beautiful, and the meat cutting machine is compact. Durable and durable, it is an indispensable meat processing machine for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units.

The meat cutting machine is suitable for large-scale catering or meat processing companies, especially meat cutting machines for school canteens and factory canteens. The meat cutting machine base has wheels and flexible movement. The small meat cutting machine has a low price. The cutter adopts an external hanging design. The meat cutting machine is convenient for washing and disassembling, and hygiene is more secure.

Meat cutter use:

1. Before using the meat cutter, cut the meat slicer with warm water first, and do not wet the motor.
2. When using the microtome, first turn on the motor to see if the blade is turning correctly. If the meat cutter is reversed, it should be corrected immediately.
3. Before cutting the meat, the meat should be boned and cut into strips. The size should be smaller than the feed port. The first time is the meat, the second time is the meat, and the meat is added several times.
4. The meat cutter should not idle for more than 2 minutes to prevent the blade from rubbing and burning the knife edge.
5. After each use, it should be thoroughly cleaned. First, remove the upper meat plate, remove the knife comb, clean all parts with hot water, and apply anti-rust with cooking oil.
6. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the discharge port and the feed port.
7. It is strictly forbidden to clean the appliance with a water spray pipe.
8. Care must be taken when handling and cleaning the cut pieces to prevent accidental injuries.

meat cutter machine for home

The meat cutter is available in both horizontal and vertical styles. The principle of original power and knife comb and meat cutting, the structure is large and the same, all have compact structure, the automatic cutting pork machine has beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency of meat cutting machine, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and hygiene. The effect of cutting meat is good, uniform, suitable for long-term use.

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