Daily maintenance of sugar cane juicer:

This machine is equipped with a battery charger (filling 400-500 kg of sugar cane juice with a single charge)

The company’s battery and other manufacturers’ battery are mainly different:
The company’s battery can be dismantled at will, without the need to charge the machine!

sugar cane juicer for sale

Note: (For the mobile business buyers, it is a very user-friendly design, that is, it solves the trouble that the mobile booth can not find the socket charging, and solves the problem of a large amount of business, and the inconvenience of customer loss due to the short supply.)

Precautions for use of battery squeezed sugar cane machine:

1. Cutting the roots, shaving the head, and peeling the skin can be pressed, and the two can be squeezed into one cup.
2. The cane material with a diameter of more than 30 mm should be crushed into two halves to avoid overloading and pressing.
3. If there is a load pressure stop press, the electric type can immediately cut off the power supply. The hand can be used to drive the belt and the roll can be reversed to withdraw the sugar cane. The manual type can be directly reversed and shaken.
4, the transmission gear, add a proper amount of grease once a week.
5. After the pressing is completed, the rolls are washed in time, and the juice box is non-sticky and kept clean.

Attachment: The nutrition and efficacy of sugar cane; the sugar of sugar cane juice is composed of sucrose and fructose such as glucose. It is easily absorbed by the body. Sugar cane also contains a lot of trace elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc, among which iron content is particularly high. The cane juice contains a variety of amino acids. Sugar cane also contains malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and other organic acids beneficial to the human body. Sugar cane juice also contains vitamin C and the like.

The juicer can also squeeze ginger juice, ginger slag can be used as ginger sugar, ginger liquid to adjust eggs is a nourishing product for women, and ginger sauce can be used as a noodle. Sugar cane tastes sweet and cold, and it has the functions of clearing heat, producing fluid, invigorating the air, moistening dryness, helping the temper, benefiting the large and small intestines, eliminating phlegm and quenching thirst, except for heart and chest troubles, stopping vomiting and nausea, and relieving alcoholism.

Supporting recommendation: You can configure some equipment according to your needs, such as popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, etc.

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