What is a bone saw?

If you work with fresh meat in your kitchen, you can’t avoid having to cut through bones now and again. You can, of course, do this manually, although it consumes much time and effort. If you’re searching for a more effective alternative, an electric bone saw may be the answer to your prayers. Electric bone saws are a staple tool of butchers, restaurant owners and catering businesses. These robust machines have a very powerful cutting action, with an automatically controlled saw ensuring safety and precision. Another big benefit of an electric saw is that each and every cut is the same thickness, so you can be confident that meat is cooked evenly and consistently, every time. With the use of one of these machines, food preparation is streamlined significantly and allows you to provide your customers with high-quality meat products you can be proud of.

How to use a bone saw

Before you commence cutting, you first need to adjust the height of the saw to correspond to the height of the piece of meat you’re looking to cut into smaller pieces. You can slide the plate behind the saw to set the desired thickness for the meat you’re looking to cut. Bone saws are equipped with something called a meat pusher, with this lever needing to be raised before larger meat pieces to be cut down is placed on the base surface of the machine. Then, lower the lever so that the meat pusher makes contact with the meat you’re going to cut. At this point, you can activate the one saw itself. Push the piece of meat you’re working with along slowly, using the meat pusher as a guide. Carry on pushing the meat gently like this until a full slice has been successfully cut. When you’re done, turn off the bone saw motor and unplug the machine if you don’t need to use it again for a while.

What types of bone saw models are available?

Each bone saw has its own unique qualities and benefits. A key area where models vary is saw size. The larger the saw, the easier it is to cut large pieces of meat with the machine. For example, you can buy a saw model with a height of 16.5 centimetres that allows you to cut meat to a thickness of 16.5 centimetres. Looking for something larger? With a bone saw measuring 20.4 centimetres, you can cut pieces of meat to a thickness of 20 centimetres. If you only require something to cut thinner slices of meat, it’s best to consider a smaller model that will be better suited to your kitchen.

What to consider when buying a bone saw

If you’re keen to equip your kitchen with a professional bone saw, you should first determine how much space you have available for it. These appliances are available in various sizes, with smaller units having worktables measuring 40.5 by 50.5 centimetres. Larger alternatives measure in at 47×58.5 centimetres. You should also think about the functionality of the saw. Can it be used to cut through frozen meat? Is the motor equipped with a safety switch? These quality benefits of more premium bone saws makes them more user-friendly and efficient.

How to clean bone saws

Because these machines are used for cutting raw meat, it’s crucial that you clean them after each and every use. To do so, turn the machine off and unplug the mains power cord. Once that’s done, you can get stuck in with the cleaning. Detachable elements of bone saw models like the saw itself and the meat pusher are best cleaned with a brush, hot water and soap. You can apply the same cleaning methods for tending to the bone saw table. Use a damp cloth to clean the rest of the machine. It’s essential that you do not use aggressive agents when cleaning as these can damage the bone saw and limit their operational life and effectiveness.

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