What is a meat slicer?

It is not easy to cut a piece of meat into wafer-thin slices without special tools. One slice is always thicker than the other and it is also difficult to cut in a straight line consistently every time. That’s why many professional kitchens use a special meat slicer. These machines have a sharp, round knife that rotates at high speed. When you put the meat on top of it, it will be cut in a few seconds, saving lots of time when compared to manual cutting. You can also ensure that each slice of meat is cut accurately by determining a fixed cutting thickness. Perfect for kitchens that need each plate to look identical to the last.

How do you use a meat slicer?

When using a meat slicer, it is extremely important to work safely and hygienically. Always wear gloves during the process. Place the meat on the base plate and secure it with the lever. Next, you should determine how thickly you would like to cut your meat and set the meat cutter to the correct position. Turn the machine on and move the platform up and down using the lever. You can catch every slice of freshly cut meat with your hand at the back of the machine. Once finished cutting, place the meat in a clean container or dish so that you can store it hygienically. When you’re done, turn the machine off again immediately for safety.

How do you maintain a meat slicer?

A meat slicer is equipped with a very sharp rotating knife. It is important that this knife is maintained regularly to keep it as sharp as possible for optimum performance. Most meat slicers can be easily sharpened using the built-in attachment for sharpening. This is located at the top of the knife. Click the operating button and turn on the machine and the knife will be sharpened fully automatically. When not in use it’s important to set the cutting thickness to position 0 so the knife is sheathed. Remove the plug from the power supply to ensure the safety of all staff when the machine is not in operation.

What should you pay attention to when you buy a meat slicer?

When you want to buy a meat slicer, the size of the machine is an important aspect to take into account. Each machine has a knife with a different diameter. For example, there are models with a knife of 220 millimetres, while there are also models with a diameter of 250 and 300 millimetres. A larger knife can cut larger pieces of meat, so it’s a good idea to think about the types of meat you will be using on the machine and purchase according to your needs. Larger knives also rotate less per minute, which makes them suitable for tougher pieces of meat.

How do you clean a meat slicer?

When you work with meat in food processing it is important to clean all your appliances and kitchen utensils regularly. Do this after each use, and be sure to clean your machine between cutting raw and cooked meat. To clean the machine you’ll first need to disconnect the cutting board from the machine. Wash this part in a deep sink with hot water and detergent. Then you also need to clean the knife. Disconnect the knife and also rinse it with some water and detergent. Then clean the stainless steel construction of the machine with a wet sponge and some detergent. Rinse all the parts again with hot water and you’re done.

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