Rolling and kneading is an indispensable process in the production of meat products, especially Western-style ham, which can promote color changes, speed up marinating, and improve meat quality. The marinating time of the vacuum tumbler is 33.3% shorter than that of the traditional marinating time, and the traditional marinating time is shortened from 12 hours to 8 hours so that the color of the hind leg meat reaches the level of the traditional process. So what are the benefits of incorporating a vacuum tumbler into your facility?

work process:

The function of the vacuum tumbler is to fully soak the seasoning powder or sauce into the meat fiber in a short time to achieve the purpose of fluffing the meat. The vacuum tumbler utilizes the self-extrusion effect produced by the guide plate in the drum to achieve the effect of tumble and kneading materials. When the cylinder rotates, the meat is squeezed inward by the guide plate, and the meat is beaten and squeezed each other so that the human body protein is decomposed into water-soluble protein, which is easily absorbed by the human body. At the same time, it can dissolve additives (such as starch) and meat protein into a mixture, and quickly penetrate into the meat fiber, so as to achieve the purpose of tender, fluffy, good taste, and high yield. Tumbler is essential equipment for meat processing enterprises.

Vacuum tumbler manufacturers say that the traditional marinating process requires more time and labor than meat vacuum tumblers. Traditional marinades also require a cooler space in the kitchen. Introducing a vacuum tumbler to your facility offers the following advantages:

Higher yields and higher price points

A vacuum tumbler can easily add 8 to 10 percent to the finished weight (water and seasoning), giving you higher yields and a higher price point for tender and flavorful meat.

Reduce direct labor costs

The semi-automatic process reduces handling and processing time, with some products soaking in as little as 10 minutes.

Improve product quality and consistency

The tumbling process allows the marinade to penetrate evenly, extracting the protein to the surface of the meat, making the product juicier, tender and flavorful. Tumble also makes cutting the meat easier and gives it a more even appearance.

Reduce supply costs

The vacuum tumbler eliminates the need for a more marinade, accurate marinade water ratio. The marinade is fully absorbed by the product with no excess residue.

production control

The vacuum tumblers are equipped with a timer and settings to control tach and revolutions.

Inhibit microbial growth and reproduction

Due to the vacuum environment, the minced meat pot greatly inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and reduces the factors that cause food oxidation or spoilage. At the same time, it must be ensured that the curing process is carried out at low temperatures.

improve product quality

Using a meat vacuum tumbler to tumble the raw materials in a vacuum state can greatly increase the physical volume of the product and soften the texture, so that the kimchi can be evenly absorbed in the raw meat, thereby enhancing the binding force of the meat and improving the elasticity of the meat; To ensure the slicing quality of meat products, improve the tenderness and stability of the product structure, and prevent the meat from breaking during the cutting and slicing process. Processed products will have a better taste.

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