For friends who like to make their own staple foods such as steamed buns and bread, they will have the feeling that making noodles is actually a very laborious thing, but using the kneading machine can save us a lot of trouble and save time. The kneading machine is also a good helper in our kitchen, so what is the difference between the dough machine and the kneading machine? Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

The kneading machine is a pasta machine that mixes flour and water evenly, and has multiple functions such as kneading, egg beating, stirring, and squeezing. It is mainly used for kneading dough, stirring cheese, stirring fresh milk, stirring butter, and beating eggs. It can also be used for stirring jam and fruit juice. It has various functions.

Features: The kneading machine is suitable for the production of various pasta products. The dough crust made has the characteristics of good tensile strength, no bubbles, not easy to break when filling, no soup, no break when cooking, and high transparency.

The kneading machine is suitable for kneading various crisp and tough doughs in the pasta processing, pastry, and bakery food industries. Just place the dough on the conveyor, and it can be automatically conveyed, kneaded, pressed, and folded after it is turned on. It reduces the number of contacts between the machine and human hands, does not require manual input, eliminates safety hazards, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Main features: smooth operation, low noise, high kneading force; the kneaded dough has good elasticity, large gluten, and the parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, rust-proof and durable, clean and hygienic, and it is necessary for the pasta processing industry and the catering industry equipment.

The dough mixer is to combines dry flour and water into a dough, and the kneader is also called a dough press, which reprocesses the mixed dough to make the noodle soft.

The kneading machine mixes and stirs the raw materials evenly, instead of the traditional manual kneading, it is the initial step; the kneading machine is generally used for forming, and the formed noodles are pressed out.

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