The production process of the vacuum tumbler is simple. Because it is in a vacuum environment, the food produced is very clean and hygienic and can meet the standards of people’s use. Moreover, the whole marinating process is very scientific and rigorous, so the taste of the meat can also be adjusted. It is very good, so more people will choose to use the vacuum tumbler. 


1. Turn on the bottom valve switch of the vacuum oil-water separator at the end of each work, and drain the accumulated water. Remove vacuum suction material. Clean the vacuum oil-water separator to ensure that the vacuum pipeline is unblocked.  

2. The vacuum pump should be stopped once a month to check the oil pollution. If the oil in the vacuum pump has been polluted, the oil should be changed in time. The pump must run forward without load for 15 minutes before changing the oil. After the oil is heated, stop the pump and unscrew the oil plug to drain the dirty oil. After cleaning the pump with some new oil or cleaning oil, inject new vacuum pump oil. (The new oil is 10# gasoline or oil) The maintenance and maintenance of the vacuum pump can be carried out by referring to the instruction manual of the vacuum pump.  

3. Always check the oil level of the worm gear reducer. If it is found that the oil level is lower than 1/2 of the oil window height, 30# mechanical oil should be added in time.

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