Grinder Cleaning Instructions

The purpose of the meat grinder cleaning: To adjust the meat grinder cleaning operation, keep the meat grinder in a clean slate and extend the placement of the machine. Meat grinder cleaning range: suitable for meat grinder cleaning operation. Meat grinder cleaning responsibilities: This standard is responsible for the implementation of the meat grinder operator […]

Maintenance of meat grinder

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, various mechanical equipments have been invented and improved, and gradually replaced the labor force. The invention of the meat grinder has brought great convenience to the lives of people so that the meat grinder can work normally, its maintenance And maintenance work is also very important. In […]

QE model meat cutting machine circuit diagram

The electrical part of the QE model meat cutting machine is mainly composed of a contactor, a start button, a stop button (emergency stop), a motor protector, a magnetic switch and the like. Contactor: Close the contacts to reach the electrical control of the motor. Start button: using normally open contacts Stop button: using a […]

Kitchen meat slicer safety operation procedures

1. Purpose In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of equipment and personal accidents, and ensure the safety of the staff of the canteen meat cutting machine, this safety operation procedure is specially made. 2. area This procedure applies to the operator of the canteen meat cutting machine. 3. Safe operating procedures The operator must […]

Frozen pork is put on the market. Quick-freezing technology innovation guarantees quality.

Recently, the supply of pigs in China has become tense and pork prices have risen markedly. In order to stabilize the pork market, many local governments have begun to release cheap pork from the government. The launch was mainly based on the storage of frozen meat, and many consumers questioned its quality. In this regard, […]

Attention! Selection of the clean vegetable processing line should not be blind

When selecting the clean vegetable processing line, it should be selected according to the processed products. The net vegetable processing can be generally divided into leafy vegetables and bulbous vegetables. Many customers who have not known before can ask whether they can use the same equipment to process these two kinds of vegetables. Xiaobian is […]