The smoker house is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment for making various sausages, seafood, smoked chicken, roast duck, and other meat products. It is widely used in the food industry or in the processing of meat products. It has been more than ten years since the initial development of the smoker to the wide application. Through continuous improvement and the integration of domestic and foreign technologies, it has the functions of cooking, drying, baking, smoking, and coloring. , Has a very good energy-saving effect.

Cold smoking house

Smoker house machine is mainly composed of furnace body, heating system, circulating air system, and electric control system.

Furnace body: All internal components and outer walls of the furnace body are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant. Hang the product on the trailer, send it into the furnace body, close the furnace door, and then perform cooking and other processing according to the set process parameters.

Cooking part: The internal design of the furnace body is designed with an automatic steam generation system to directly heat the products in the furnace. The steam output can be adjusted according to different products. The pressure in the box is not allowed to exceed 0.08Mpa.

Circulating air system: The top of the smoker body is equipped with a two-speed electric fan. The high power and large air volume ensure the temperature rise in the furnace, so that the temperature everywhere is uniform, and the quality of the product is stable and reliable.

Smoke generation system: the upper part is the saw foam box, the stirring mechanism is driven by the reducer, and the saw foam is periodically sent to the electric heater of the lower smoke generating stove. It is controlled by the smoke switch button on the electric control box, and the saw foam is heated slowly It burns and emits smoke, and is sucked into the host by the fan to smoke the cooked food.

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