1. Filling of sausage stuffer:

Close the butterfly valve, fill the hopper with raw materials, 5 minutes after turning on the power, open the ball valve, manipulate the foot switch to raise the piston to the highest position, open the butterfly valve, close the ball valve, and press the feed switch to lower it. As the piston descends, the material in the hopper is automatically sucked into the material cylinder, and the butterfly valve is closed at this time to complete the charging.

  1. Enema machine enema:

Put the casing on the enema tube, step on the foot switch to start discharging the enema, leave the foot pedal to stop the enema.

After filling, press the stop button on the panel to stop the machine.

vertical sausage stuffer

Precautions for commercial stainless steel hydraulic sausage stuffer:

Maintenance and operation personnel should wear protective gloves when repairing, maintaining, and cleaning, and cut off the power supply.

1. cleaning operation

Cut off the power supply of this equipment and close the control box door to prevent water from entering. Wear work gloves to clean the oil on the surface of the equipment. Ensure that the equipment is clean and hygienic.

2. Maintenance of electrical equipment

a: The electrical components and connection points are overhauled once a month.

b: Each grounding point should be checked once a month.

c: Clean the electrical control cabinet once a week to keep the electrical control cabinet clean and dry.

Safety Tips: The main power supply of the equipment must be cut off when overhauling and maintaining electrical equipment to prevent accidents!

3. Lubrication

The oil cylinder must have enough oil (32# hydraulic oil is generally used). Too little oil will increase the oil temperature and reduce the working pressure. Clean the oil filter frequently. The working pressure is generally adjusted to between 0.8-1.5Mpa (it has been adjusted before leaving the factory).

4. Warning

5. It is strictly forbidden to repair or maintain the equipment during operation to prevent the occurrence of personal or equipment accidents! !

6. When repairing or maintaining the equipment, the main power supply of the equipment must be cut off before operation to prevent accidents!

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