This fresh meat cutting machine from Newin®  Machinery is an essential preparation machine commonly found in most kitchens. It just slices fresh meats evenly with precision. Almost all delis and butcher shops make use of meat cutters; nevertheless, they choose only stainless steel for its major benefits to offer and its major components. Truly, a fresh meat cutter is the most effective solution for users who would want to process fresh meats in bulk. This is a capable and consistent machine that can handle means and this is just the best deal for its price.

TT-M29 TT-M30 - Meat Cutting Machine - Main Body 01

Our Easy Operate Stainless Steel Meat Cutting Machine is just ideal to use and is also affordable.

The following are the significant features of this machine:

Safety Use With its emergency stop button and safety cover, this one is truly a remarkable option to consider. Nevertheless, this machine will never ever start working without cover or having the cover set in the right position. The machine could still be stopped immediately if an urgent situation arises.

TT-M29 TT-M30 - Meat Cutting Machine - Operation Switches
TT-M29 TT-M30 - Meat Cutting Machine - Stainless Steel Handle

Mini Shape This machine can be placed exactly anywhere that you want to operate it. This is very convenient and small to place on the floor or on the table. Instead of choosing other options of a meat cutter, it is a lot better to consider our meat cutting machine. Very Easy to Operate This is somehow easy for you to operate.

This can be used right after the power is on. The machine is also easy for you to use to cut the fresh meat or to slice it into cubes. It cuts all kinds of sliced meat, fresh meat, diced meat, and shredded meat. Beautiful Stainless Steel Body and Blade With its beautiful stainless steel body and blade, this is just a remarkable option for a fresh meat cutter to consider. This is made of stainless steel and of blade material. This does not also poison the meat.

With all the features and benefits that Easy Operation Stainless Steel Meat Cutting Machine can offer, expect it further that it can be a beautiful and safe choice for you. This is also highly efficient and this is just a good helper when it comes to meat processing.

TT-M29 TT-M30 - Meat Cutting Machine - Blade

Newin® Machinery provides life-long service and ease of use just set it remarkably different from the rest. This is also easy for you to maintain and clean. This is the best equipment to use when you want to process meat with sanitation, safety, high efficiency, and more. What else are you waiting for? Feel free to buy this meat cutting machine and get the most of its benefits provided for you! For more details please visit or send an email to

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