Poultry disease classification and classification as other animal diseases, usually according to the length, of course, causes and prevalence of the system classification.

According to the duration of the disease can be divided into the acutest form, acute type, subacute type and chronic type four. The cutest form of these diseases died suddenly, without obvious symptoms and anatomical changes, such as poultry out of defeat. A class of diseases acute type fast progression of the disease, the short course is a few hours or as long as twenty-three weeks, accompanied by loss of appetite, fever and other symptoms, such as Newcastle disease. Subacute type is an intermediate type between the acute type and chronic type between clinical diagnosis mild symptoms, the course of about three to six weeks. The chronic form a class of diseases, the incidence of slow development, duration ranging from six weeks to six months or more, such as avian tuberculosis. In the clinical diagnosis of practice need attention, there is no between acute, subacute and chronic strict boundaries, under certain conditions, the conversion can occur, the acute type can be converted to sub-acute or chronic type, etc., and may be due to chronic disease progression The attack was an anxious livelihood.

Classified according to etiology can be divided by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms invade the body and reproduce birds reflect caused by infectious diseases; by a variety of parasites invade the body or surface mail coccidiosis caused by a general cause of action or a lack of nutrients common disease that is caused by non-communicable diseases.

In order to analyze the disease, common disease usually by respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system and other major illness classification system. Care must be taken, the body is a complete unity, an impact on the body organ systems are suffering from a disease after, but in a certain organ or a system performance obvious Bale.

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