1. Purpose

In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of equipment and personal accidents, and ensure the safety of the staff of the canteen meat cutting machine, this safety operation procedure is specially made.

2. area

This procedure applies to the operator of the canteen meat cutting machine.

meat cutting

3. Safe operating procedures

  1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, specifications, and functions of the canteen meat slicer to ensure safe operation.
  2. The canteen meat cutting machine should be specially staffed. The operator should have a uniform coat and the sleeves should not be too long. The spirit should be concentrated during operation and should not be paralyzed.
  3. Before use, check the canteen meat slicer for comprehensive inspection, check whether there are obstacles in each transmission component, whether the lubricating position is filled with lubricating oil, whether the safety protection devices are reliable, whether the nozzle blades are intact, whether there is looseness, and the canteen cuts the meat. Is the machine clean?
  4. There should be no water on the hand when starting the switch. First open the empty machine to observe whether there is any abnormality, and the idle time should not be too long to prevent damage to the blade. Glove operation is prohibited.
  5.  When the canteen is cut into the meat, it is strictly forbidden to enter the canteen to cut the meat. When entering the meat, you should not press it with your hands. You should use chopsticks or wooden sticks to press down. Do not use metal tools to press the meat to prevent the canteen from colliding with the metal tool. Pop up wounded and damaged canteen meat slicer.
  6.  Add meat pieces must be even, not too much, so as not to damage the motor. If the machine is not working properly, immediately cut off the power supply and check the cause after shutdown.
  7.  The meat into the meat should not be too large, should be cut into thin strips and strong, the meat can not bring bones and skin, in order to prevent the canteen meat cutting machine from being stuck, it is found that the canteen meat cutting machine should be stopped immediately, and it must not be forced to run.
  8.  After the operation is completed, disconnect the power supply, clean the canteen, and ensure the food is hygienic. When cleaning the canteen meat slicer, it is strictly forbidden to rinse the electrical parts with water to avoid electric shock or burn out the motor.
  9. Found that the canteen meat cutting machine, electrical appliances have failed, must stop immediately, it is strictly prohibited to dismantle the mechanical and electrical parts, must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

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