What are the precautions for use and use of the chopper?

1. How to use the chopping machine:

Chopper Mixer Usage: It will be slowly controlled from low speed to high speed, and the pan and speed can be adjusted as needed. At the end of the work, the “turning pot” will be stopped first, and the “turning knife” will be stopped step by step according to the principle of “first open the knife, then open the pot, stop the pot first, then stop the knife”. In the case of dangerous situations or special circumstances, use the emergency stop button emergency controller, the device stops working within the set time, and the pot stops automatically. At the bottom right is the vacuum, the air switch, the left side is a vacuum, and the right side is inflated. The upper right is the front and rear cover switches, controlled by the hydraulic system. After inflation, the vacuum can be zero to open the front cover. After the material particle size reaches the requirement, it can be discharged. Place the container under the sprue. Holding the handle of the discharger, the discharge tray is placed in the rotary pan, and the discharge tray can guide the meat into the present container. After the discharge is completed, the discharge device is returned to the original position, and the discharge tray automatically stops rotating.

2, the use of chopping machine notes:

2.1, cannot prevent other debris in the vicinity of the chopping machine, to prevent accidental entry into the high-speed rotation, resulting in danger.

2.2. Before the equipment is running, it must be ensured that all work is normal and the lid is covered, otherwise the equipment will run poorly.

2.3. If the gambling occurs during loading, do not enter the material in the pan by hand, otherwise, it will be dangerous to touch the rotating knife. If the pan motor is significantly overloaded, it is recommended to use a low speed and reduce the tool speed.

2.4. Keep the chopping machine clean and dry the equipment to avoid short circuit.

3. Cleaning of the chopper:

The use of choppers for cleaning is an important part of the work. At the end of each work, effective cleaning should be carried out. Usually, we use a certain amount of cleaning agent, use it with water, use a brush or other suitable tools for cleaning. After the initial cleaning, we will use clean water. Secondary cleaning treatment. And clean out the water quality and keep the dryness inside the chopper.

Chopping machine introduction:

The chopping machine has the characteristics of high the speed of the cutter shaft, high power, good cleavage effect, and wide the range of processing materials. It can not only cut and emulsify various kinds of meat

but also cut and emulsify raw materials such as coarse skin and composite collagen. The machine adopts advanced control technology, which is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, and complete in display control. The motor has a large starting torque, high insulation heat resistance, good overload protection performance, and is particularly suitable for use in a frequently starting working environment.

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