Stir-fried ice cream is made with a milk base combined with various fresh ingredients and different toppings served with the ice cream.

Fried Ice Cream Machine 7 1

The main ingredients are the liquid base flavor which is commonly milk, or soy milk. Fresh fruit or other choices such as chocolate, green tea, or red beans are blended with the milk, while sometimes extract powder or syrups are used to create the flavor.

To make stir-fried ice cream, the mixture is first poured into a −18 to −35 degree C metal pan. The ice cream masher uses two metal spatulas to mix and stir the mixture, which freezes and solidifies. The masher will add and grind different toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, and fruits to increase the texture of the ice cream. By continuously mixing and stirring in the cold pan, a scoop of stir-fried ice cream is created. The stir-fried process has to be quick and instant with only 5–10 seconds used to create the texture of ice cream. The ice cream can be piled for scooping or smoothed flat for scraping into curls and served in paper cups in Thailand.

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