A small cheekbones machine is a kind of processing equipment suitable for all kinds of small and medium animal bones. It is very commonly used in the food manufacturing industry.

  1. Plan the plane body of the stainless steel sealing plate to make it not only meet the food specifications but also easy to clean;
  2. Use special surface treatment skills to make it easy to organize and maintain;
  3. Saw belt pressure tensioning device is adopted to make the device easy to adjust;
  4. Equipped with a saw band security device to ensure stability during sawing;
  5. Strengthen the planning through the thickness adjustment plate to make the thickness adjustment processing simple;
  6. With safety rod planning, make it safe.
    Small patella machine

The overall body paint is easy to clean, clean and hygienic. The saw blade is designed with sliding bearings and copper adjustment blocks to make the saw blade run more smoothly and safely. The national standard single-phase motor, small bone saw machine and motor protection device are more durable. No loss. The rib cutting machine uses special tools to cut the bone without sewing pins. The sheep scorpion bone cutting machine protects your interests to a large extent. Manual operation reduces the labor intensity of workers. It is suitable for processing operations such as animal bones and ribs Machine stainless steel cover, clean and sanitary.
A small patella machine is a kind of food processing equipment. In the process of processing, there will inevitably be some pollutants, so how to make it more safe and hygienic after use?
When cleaning small sacral bone machine equipment, we have to clean it after using it every day. We mainly clean the surface of the bone saw 3-4 times. When cleaning, we can use 80 ℃ water plus The cleaning agent of the fluorescent agent is used for cleaning, and remember that after the use, it needs to be cleaned on the same day to prevent the breeding of bacteria during the overnight cleaning, which is very unsanitary, and it is also necessary to prevent water from entering the equipment during cleaning. Among them, to prevent damage to the equipment.

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