The purpose of the meat grinder cleaning:

To adjust the meat grinder cleaning operation, keep the meat grinder in a clean slate and extend the placement of the machine.

Meat grinder cleaning range:

suitable for meat grinder cleaning operation.

Meat grinder cleaning responsibilities:

This standard is responsible for the implementation of the meat grinder operator inspectors responsible for supervision.

Cleaning frequency:

Cleaning before and after the operation. Replace the variety clean. Special conditions are cleaned at any time. Cleaning tools: barrels, brushes, cleaning cloths, rubber gloves, detergents, and disinfectants.

Meat grinder cleaning method

Generally speaking, the meat grinder has been cleaned in time after the last use. The cleaning before use is mainly to wash off the dust inside and outside the machine. Another benefit is that the use of flushing before use to expand the ground meat becomes easier and smoother, and it also makes cleaning after the end of work easier.

Cleaning method 1:Clean the toothbrush, test tube brush, and other auxiliary products, then unload the machine in the opposite direction, clean out the meat pieces in the machine cavity, and then soak the machine to the warm water containing detergent. In the middle, clean all the parts one by one with a toothbrush, and then rinse them twice with tap water. Put it in a cool, ventilated place to control it.

Cleaning method 2: Wash with food If it is stuffed dumplings twist the green onions before twisting the meat, which will lead to excessive labor. Wash the meat, cut into long strips, and slowly feed it. (The more meat that is fed into the meat, the more the meat can be twisted, or the vegetables such as potatoes, etc. It is said that this is a disguised cleaning. It can also reduce the waste of minced meat.


When installing or removing, the container can be fixed or removed by pushing up and down. The installation is fixed on the table and can be used. Turn the white wire on the knob clockwise to a fixed position, which can be fixed on the table. Twist the white wire on the knob counterclockwise to the released position to release it from the vacuum chuck.

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