Meat grinder Safety first

Reasonable use of mechanical equipment is an important prerequisite for ensuring normal production. The operator must have certain operational experience and the ability to use the equipment correctly. Otherwise, the machine cannot be operated.

Our company has established the safety operation rules for the meat grinder as follows:

1. The meat grinder should be operated by a special person. Non-operators are strictly prohibited to operate the meat grinder. The operator should strictly observe safe operating procedures.

2. Before use, the meat grinder should be thoroughly inspected for any abnormality, and it is forbidden to enter the working state with an abnormal phenomenon;

3. Check if there are any foreign objects and other safety protection devices in the hopper;

4. Check if the tool is installed in place;

5. Pour the meat into the hopper carefully to ensure that there are no foreign objects, so as not to damage the screw and cutting tool;

6. In the operation of the meat grinder, it is strictly forbidden to touch the screw and the cutting tool by hand, and it is not possible to clean the meat block without turning off the power when rotating, so as to avoid personal injury;

7. The operator should pay close attention to the operation of the meat grinder. If there is any abnormality, stop it immediately. Please check with the maintenance personnel. It is strictly forbidden to use it.

8. Tool disassembly must be carried out under the condition that the main power supply is cut off;

9. The disassembly and disassembly of the tool must be completed by a professional robot. Special care must be taken to disassemble the tool to prevent scratching and damaging the tool. The tool should be installed in order, and evenly spread the cooking oil. When disassembling the tool, remove them one by one, and place them on the special accessory car to prevent the tool from being injured or lost;

10. When disassembling the parts of the meat grinder, be careful. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and disassemble, so as not to damage the relevant parts;

11. Every day after the end of production, thorough cleaning of the meat grinder should be carried out to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment;

12. It is strictly forbidden to flush the parts of electrical parts directly with water;

13. The cleaning tool should be coated with cooking oil in time to prevent corrosion, whether or not it is installed.

14. Grinding of the tool: The pre-cut plate hole plate and the reamer shall be ground after 100-500 hours of work. The method is to use a blunt pre-cutting plate, an orifice plate, and a reamer to be mounted on a special sharpening machine for grinding. Grinding can also be carried out on a tool grinder. The workpiece is first mounted on an electromagnetic chuck and then ground repeatedly until the surface is completely uniform.

15. If the flatness of the screw shaft is severely worn, the tool will wear quickly. When the flat square is more than 1mm, the toolbar should be replaced.

16. Pay attention to other required safety issues.

Safety is no small matter, and users are expected to operate the meat grinder correctly and reasonably according to the operating procedures.

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